Tourism businesses in the Northwest Territories (NWT) now have a free new training tool at their disposal. The Business, Market and Trade (BMT) Ready program teaches participants what it takes to sell tourism products to travellers from around the world.  

What does it mean to be business, market and trade ready?

The tourism industry around the world is highly-competitive and travellers and sales channels have high expectations. As this industry grows in the NWT, it is important that businesses know what to expect, how they can prepare, and what supports are available.  

  • Business-ready refers to a tourism business that has all applicable licences, permits and insurance in place to be able to operate legally in the NWT.
  • Market-ready describes a tourism business that has operated for two or more, years and is selling directly to the visitor.
  • Trade-ready means that a tourism business is selling their experiences through third party Distribution Sales Channels to reach even more visitors.

Interested in becoming certified in BMT-Ready Standards?

You can learn independently online (link is external) or contact your Regional ITI Office to set up an in-person session. To be eligible, you must have a valid Tourism Operator Licence and a business, collective or organization that is engaged in the tourism sector.


Learn more about the Business, Market and Trade Ready program.


The BMT curriculum was developed by NWT Tourism, in collaboration with the Yukon and Nunavut to help northern tourism suppliers increase their global competitiveness. Click here (link is external) to read the full news release.


Increasing the number of market and export ready tourism operators is a direct goal of Tourism 2020, and one of the ways the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is working to grow a strong and sustainable tourism industry.