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Thanks to the Special Committee to Increase the Representation of Women in the Legislative Assembly for visiting Hay River. Write a email or letter to the committee with your thoughts on this issue.

Marine Training Centre in Hay River and Oceans Protection Plan funding announcement:

YELLOWKNIFE (October 16, 2018) – Minister of Infrastructure and Industry, Tourism and Investment, Wally Schumann issued the following statement today on the opening of the Marine Training Centre in Hay River and Oceans Protection Plan funding announcement:


“Over the weekend, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Government of Canada held an official opening for a new Marine Training Centre in Hay River. The new training centre which will be funded by Transport Canada through the Oceans Protection Plan will be supported by the GNWT through a lease for the training building at our Hay River shipyard.


“During the event, an announcement was made for an investment of $19.5 million, under the Oceans Protection Plan, to construct four double-hulled barges that will deliver fuel safely to Northern communities. As well, the Government of Canada announced a significant investment in harbor infrastructure in Hay River. This investment includes the construction of new floating docks and an extension of the concrete marginal wharf.


“These announcements mark an important milestone for the future of marine operations in the North. Increasing the safety and efficiency of marine resupply operations in the Northwest Territories is a priority for our government. The GNWT has made a mandate commitment to strengthen connections with public sector partners in transportation infrastructure, including working with the federal government to maintain federal community resupply port facilities and marine services in the NWT, to restore safe marine operating conditions in the Port of Hay River and at key sections of the Mackenzie River Corridor, and to improve charting and navigational aids. This past weekend, the GNWT, with our partners, took a giant step forward in realizing this commitment.


“Together, the opening of the Marine Training Centre,  the construction of the new double-hulled barges, and the improvements to harbour infrastructure in Hay River will not only pave the way for job creation and economic opportunities for northerners, but supports marine training in the North and will improve the security, safety and resiliency of NWT marine operations.


“The Government of Canada continues to have an important role to play in supporting Northern development, and the GNWT appreciates their ongoing partnership and commitment to working with us to improve the lives of Northerners. As Minister of Infrastructure, I am proud of the achievements our government has made in strengthening operations along marine corridors and together, the GNWT and our partners will continue efforts to enhance the marine services residents rely on.”


Opportunities in Agriculture Discussed at Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting

Opportunities for growth, economic development and employment within Canada’s agricultural industry were discussed collaboratively by Ministers during a Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) meeting in Vancouver July 18-20.

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Wally Schumann, was at the table to represent the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) agriculture sector.

Photo: FPT Ministers of Agriculture. Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Wally Schumann represented the NWT. 

Agriculture is a new and growing sector in the NWT. The GNWT introduced the NWT’s first-ever commercial agriculture strategy in the spring of 2017 to guide the path forwards. Under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), approximately $5.6 million will be invested into the NWT agriculture sector over the next five years.

Photo: FPT Assistant Deputy Ministers of Agriculture. ADM for Industry, Tourism and Investment Tracy St. Denis represented the NWT.

July 20, 2018 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian farmers, ranchers and processors across the country work hard every day to ensure that Canadians and consumers around the world have access to high-quality and healthy food. Canada’s agriculture and agri-food system contributes over $110 billion of our gross domestic product, and last year our agriculture, food and seafood exports hit an all-time record of $64.6 billion.

Topics critical to the growth and continued prosperity of the sector were the focus of discussion at the annual meeting of federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) ministers of agriculture, co-chaired by Lawrence MacAulay, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture for British Columbia.

Ministers discussed how they can collaborate to create more jobs and support economic growth in the agriculture and agri-food sector. Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector was recently identified in the Barton Report as one of six sectors with high potential for economic growth. An Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table was created as part of the federal Innovation Skills Plan and serves as a forum for industry leaders to explore opportunities and challenges facing the sector. The Table engaged FPT ministers on their views to drive growth in the sector. Ministers noted the significant work that the Table has undertaken and committed to work collaboratively with industry.

Ministers acknowledged the importance of trade. They discussed on-going trade negotiations to maintain and grow market access for Canada, and the importance of working together to help the agricultural sector expand their businesses in key global markets. Ministers also reiterated their strong support for supply management. Ministers agreed that an appropriately skilled and increased labour supply in the short and long term is critical to future growth, and also agreed on the importance of ensuring the effectiveness of temporary foreign workers programs.

FPT Ministers noted the successful launch in April 2018 of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year, $3-billion investment to help the sector grow, innovate and prosper. The Partnership provides ongoing investments to support leading edge discovery and applied science, spur innovation, and promote international trade, while ensuring that producers continue to have access to business risk management (BRM) programs.

The Government of Canada provided an update on progress toward legalization of cannabis. The cannabis industry is eligible to apply for federal programs under the Partnership. Provinces and territories have the discretion to determine eligibility for cannabis production for cost-shared programs.

For BRM programs, income from cannabis (including both medicinal and recreational) are not eligible for support under AgriStability and AgriInvest. Governments agree to monitor this over the coming years as the cannabis industry matures and stabilizes.

After significant effort over the past year, the external panel of experts presented its recommendations on BRM programming. Ministers thanked the panel on concluding their work and directed officials to move forward with additional work required on the recommendations and to report back on progress to Ministers in 2019. Ministers remain committed to continued engagement with industry, external experts and other stakeholders.
Topics at the meeting also included identifying areas for increased collaboration to streamline regulations, reduce regulatory burden and continue to uphold the safety and high quality of agricultural products. In addition, Ministers had the opportunity to hear about Indigenous agriculture activities currently underway in British Columbia and received an update from the federal government on the continued development of A Food Policy for Canada.

The next annual meeting of FPT Ministers will be held in Quebec City in July 2019.


“Canada’s farmers, ranchers and food processors provide safe, nutritious and sustainable food for the world, while creating well-paying jobs for our middle class. Federal, provincial and territorial governments are gathered here to focus on the overall competitiveness of the sector, and to create better opportunities for farmers and Canadians.”
– The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“It was wonderful to host my counterparts from around Canada here in Vancouver. As Agriculture ministers, we’re always looking at ways to make sure our programs and policies are working for farmers, producers and processors across the country. The discussions we had together on supporting research, trade and development, and on the next steps in business risk management programs bring the voices, ideas and concerns of Canadian farmers to the table, and ensure they are part of the conversation. I look forward to continuing to build strong relationships across Canada and working together for Canadian food production and security.”
– The Honourable Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture for British Columbia


Updates to NWT Petroleum Legislation: Engagement Update April 12th 3-7pm Ptarmigan Inn

Public engagement sessions continued last week as the GNWT visited the Sahtu and Beaufort Delta regions to get their input on proposed changes to oil and gas laws.

These latest sessions hit the NWT’s oil and gas heartland, so there was a lot to be said from those who attended.

Norman Wells — home of Canada’s longest-producing oil field — was the first stop on March 26. Before the public session, the engagement team sat down with representatives from the Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated and the Norman Wells Land Corporation. This is the first of many conversations the team anticipates having with these groups as engagement continues.

Residents in Norman Wells were particularly interested in learning more about what was being proposed. Experts from the GNWT team were able to sit down one-on-one and explain the proposed amendments in detail thanks to the open-workshop format and to provide takeaway-information from the cache of public education materials produced for this project.

The next morning, the team flew over the stunning Franklin Mountains and on to Inuvik. Immediately upon landing, they made their way to the Ingamo Hall Friendship Centre to welcome participants.

Twenty-four participants, including local business and community leaders dropped in to make their thoughts known. Dominant topics at the session included finding ways to remove barriers for responsibly developing the Delta’s significant oil and gas resources, and concerns about environmental protection for oil and gas projects.

Media representatives were also on-hand to gain perspectives from local resident and speak with Director of Petroleum Resources for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment Menzie McEachern.

What’s Next?

Next up is the Yellowknife session. The session will be held April 9 at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre from 3-7pm.

There will be a territory-wide French language session held on April 10. Those who can be in Yellowknife and wish to participate in-person can come to the Janvier Room at the Explorer Hotel from 3-7pm. Those in other communities can contact 1-867-767-9202 ext. 63046 to take part via teleconference.

Soon after, on April 12, the team will visit the South Slave region. The session will be held from 3-7pm at Hay River’s Ptarmigan Inn.

Can’t take part in person? No problem! Have your say wherever you are, however you’d like as part of this comprehensive engagement campaign.

Take part in any of the following ways:

Government of the Northwest Territories

Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment — Petroleum Resources Division

# 64 Mackenzie Road

PO Box 3019

Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

For more information

Mike Westwick

Communications Officer

Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Government of the Northwest Territories

Mike_Westwick@gov.nt.ca (link sends e-mail)

1-867-767-9202 ext.63039

Hay River Health & Social Services Public Announcement


Join us for a Constituency Open House at our office #3-66 Woodland Dr (Godwin Mall) – Feb 3rd, 2018 11am to 4 pm.


Want to know how you’re being represented at the Legislative Assembly?

Join us for coffee, snacks and a quick presentation on upcoming initiatives that will impact our community.

You can also have a say on issues that matter to you most, and learn how we can work to ensure Hay River is on the path to prosperity for all.

Can’t make it in person?  Join us live from 11 am – 12 pm at facebook.com/WallySchumannMLAHayRiverSouth

For further information, please contact:
Myrtle Graham at 874-6141, cell 875-8909 or myrtle_graham@gov.nt.ca

The GNWT is welcoming applications from grade 9 and 10 students from across the Northwest Territories for Youth Parliament 2018


Vendor Workshop – Procurement Shared Services Wednesday 24th, 2018

Stop by the office this Saturday, January 13th between 10 and 12 for updates on current issues and voice your concerns on topics involving our community

Reminder: Tourism Program Deadlines December 15

The deadline for two tourism funding programs is quickly approaching.

Expressions of interest for Community Tourism Infrastructure Contribution (CTIC) and the Tourism Product Diversification and Marketing Program (TPDMP) are due by December 15, 2017.

CTIC provides funding to community governments and non-government organizations to support new and innovative tourism infrastructure projects in and around their communities.

Apply for the Community Tourism Infrastructure Contribution.http://www.iti.gov.nt.ca/en/CTIC

TPDMP can help you re-invent, improve or expand your tourism product and operation to meet future market demands by providing funding for business planning, product development and packaging as well as marketing.

Apply for the Tourism Product Diversification and Marketing Program.http://www.iti.gov.nt.ca/en/TPDMP

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